Marijuana Toxicity In Dogs-A Personal Tale

marijana pot pot dog Oct 08, 2019

By: Leann Mann

With the legalization of marijuana we have started discussing safe storage of the product in our classes.  Recently our office administrator had a first hand experience with marijuana toxicity in dogs. Here is her story: 

Saturday started out like any other morning, with our three dogs playing in our yard.  At around 10am our youngest dog, Tilly (6 months) came up the hill with a baggie that had been tossed into our yard from the walkway next to our house. Tilly came to the door and gave the empty baggie to my husband who threw it away. Soon after, my husband left to take two of the dogs for a walk.  When they arrived home my husband said our one year old, Winston, had been lagging on the walk and acting unusual. Winston stayed with me while Tilly went on her walk. 

Within moments of my husband leaving I checked on Winston who was laying in his favourite spot but moving unusually slow. I picked him up to check him thoroughly. His breathing was...

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