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Scent with Jane Book BSc who have been helping students learn online for close to a decade!

Join Jane Book and Find Success in Scent Work

Scent Work is a great game to learn for any dog and handler team and as an enrichment game for you and your dog. You can even take it to the next level and trial across many organizations world-wide.

Scent work can help you develop a deeper connection with your canine  as you become partners in your Scent Dance.

The only thing you need to start learning Scent Work with your dog right now is a positive attitude and a desire to play.

Jane will teach you the rest!

As long as your dog has a nose, you can play! 

Scent Work provides significant benefits helping dogs focus and uses parts of their brain not normally accessed.  We often hear how well dogs sleep after a training session.

Dogs who are recovering from injury or are moving on from a more physical dog sport career can experience a smooth transition into the sport. Scent Work is easier on their body while providing them with excellent mental stimulation.

Scent Work as a form of enrichment is becoming increasingly popular. Its great for your dog too!

Jane along with her students hold multiple titles including Elite Champion and Grand Master Champion through the SDDA in Canada. As well as multiple titles and High In Trials with AKC Scent Work.  

Jane has more than 20 years of professional dog training experience to share with her students. 

Introducing Your Dog to Scent

$97 CAD taxes included

Canadian Funds

Jane has brought her popular Introduction workshop online which includes:

• 6 month access to comprehensive, step-by-step videos

• List of supplies needed

• how to introduce your dog to scent

• container searches

The only thing you need to start learning Scent Work with your dog today,  is a positive attitude and a desire to play.

Jane will teach you the rest!

Novice Scent Work Skills

Registration opens soon!

ON SALE NOW!! $148.50 CAD including taxes

$297 CAD taxes included

Canadian Funds

Jane will help you lay strong foundational skills  to successfully compete at entry level. This course includes:

• 12 month access to comprehensive step-by-step videos

• how to prepare target odours

• container searches

• interior searches

• scent games to advance your search skills

• vehicle and exterior searches

• training a formal alert

• beginning buried hides

• novice handler discrimination

• adding distractors 

• introducing your next scent

Support is offered in both our online classroom and in our closed Facebook Group

Get valuable individual feedback from Jane on your posted videos.

Advancing Your Scent Skills 

ON SALE NOW!! $148.50 CAD including taxes

$297 CAD taxes included

Canadian Funds

Registration opens soon!

Develop the skills, knowledge and teamwork you'll need to be successful. 

• 12 month access to comprehensive step-by-step videos

• advance your skills in searching containers, interiors, and exteriors (bonus: buried and water hides)

• working residual odour

• identifying changes in behaviour

• learning hide placement from the judges perspective

• training distractors

• advanced communication with your dog

Jane will discuss hide placements to maximize your valuable training time, and help you prepare to trial. We will discuss planning your search pattern, what information you need during handler briefing and, visualization techniques to keep your nerves calm.

You will have the opportunity to post your videos in the online classroom or our closed Facebook Group to receive personalized feedback from Jane Book and her team.



Scent Work for Enrichment and Competition for you and your dog.

Start today with Jane's free e-Book:  

Scent Games for You and Your Dog.

Free e-Book

Meet The Expert

Jane Book, BSc

Jane is an accomplished Scent Detection Competitor. Jane's dogs hold multiple titles and her Border Collie, Style is proving to have a "super sniffing nose". Together Jane and Style are one of the first teams to achieve the Elite Champion and Grand Master Champion titles with the Sporting Detection Dog Association placing 10th overall at the National Challenge Cup in 2019.  Style is quickly moving through the American Kennel Club Scent Detection levels, consistently earning High in Trials during competitions as well.

Jane is a Sporting Detection Dog Association, Canadian Kennel Club Scent Detection and American Kennel Club Scent Work judge. She has also taught, judged and titled in Tracking for CKC, AKC and ASCA. Jane has more than 20 years experience as a professional dog trainer.

She has brought her program that has seen many student successes to her online classroom so everyone can have access to quality, positive and consistent instruction in Scent Work.


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